Developed by:
Northway Games
Based in Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Sparkworkz (inXile)
Based in Tustin, California

Release date:
August 10 2020

Windows PC - Steam
Windows PC - Robot Cache


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The original 2008 Flash game has finally come to PC desktops! A classic in the physics sandbox genre, Fantastic Contraption uses minimalist tools: with only spinning wheels and two kinds of rods, can you get a ball to the goal area? There are no right or wrong answers and thousands of solutions: Working cars, tanks, catapults, conveyor belts, walking creatures or minimalist structures that use only gravity.

Fantastic Contraption 2 is also included for free. It adds 66 new levels featuring moving obstacles, magnets, and more!


Since 2008, sharing has always been an important part of Fantastic Contraption, with tens of thousands of user-made levels and millions of published solutions. The FC community has been active for over a decade, still coming up with new levels, challenges and contests to stretch your skills.

In 2009 Fantastic Contraption 2 was developed in partnership with Sparkworkz, a subsidiary of inXile Entertainment. They also produced mobile versions of both (now retired).

In 2016 we released Fantastic Contraption VR, a fully 3D room-scale evolution.

In 2020 with the official end of the Flash plugin, we decided to release this PC desktop edition to keep this beloved classic alive.


  • Fantastic Contraption 1 now with fullscreen and offline save options
  • Fantastic Contraption 2 now with fullscreen option
  • Over 100 official levels to challenge you
  • Level editor with over 100,000 user-made levels
  • No cruft just a classic minimalist 2D design


Launch Trailer - YouTube

Community challenge footage - YouTube


download all screenshots as .zip (8MB)

download logo files (including alternates) as .zip (2MB)

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Articles about design and development of Fantastic Contraption Classic NorthwayGames.com.

About Northway Games

Northway Games is Sarah and Colin Northway, partners in life and in indie games. We alternate taking the lead on games and collaborate with different artists on every project. We spent years traveling full time while making games in 25 different countries, and are now semi-stationary in Vancouver, Canada.

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