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Fantastic Contraption VR

Our first steps into virtual reality.

We’ve teamed up with Radial Games to bring Colin’s 2008 building puzzle game into THE FUTURE… of room-scale VR on the HTC Vive. Use simple tools to build massive working contraptions with your hands, then watch your creations lumber off into a surreal world to push, pull, fling or somehow get a ball across the level to the goal area.

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Deep Under the Sky

A psychedelic one-button arcade game by Rich Edwards and Colin Northway.

In the clouds of the planet Venus, a strange species of jellyfish thrive and reproduce among the great space whales. Launch, jet, swing and roll through an alien landscape and propagate your species.

Deep Under the Sky is available now on Steam for Windows and Mac, iPhone/iPad and Android.

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Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville

The third game in Sarah Northway’s post-apocalyptic strategy series Rebuild.

Manage survivors of the zombiepocalypse and reclaim a destroyed city from the undead, one building at a time. Face off against rival gangs while you scavenge for supplies, secure your defenses and rebuild society.

Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville is now in Steam Early Access beta. Buy direct from to also get access to the Android beta.

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A physics puzzler by Colin and Sarah with art from Thomas Shahan.

Join Quozzle the Incredipede on her quest through the jungle. Stretch and shape her limbs into anything you can imagine, then control her movements to walk, tumble and fly through sixty official levels and thousands of player-made creations.

Incredipede is available on Steam for Windows and Mac, and on iPhone/iPad and Android.

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Word Up Dog

A digging spelling game by Sarah Northway with art by Sara Gross.

A lost puppy must dig his way to freedom while spelling words with the letters he finds. Find your way to the bottom of 7 unique levels, collecting items and bonuses and meeting a crazy cast of hip-hop slang-slinging animals along the way.

Word Up Dog is available for iPhone/iPad and Android.

Fantastic Contraption logo

Fantastic Contraption

Colin’s physics puzzle game that started it all.

Design a machine using several types of rods and wheels that will push, pull, fling or somehow get a ball across the level to the goal area. Fantastic Contraption was released in 2008 as a free Flash game with a $10 level editor. Fantastic Contraption 2 is also available for iPhone and iPad.

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  1. Type: [Message]
    To: Northway Games
    From: Anonymous Fan

    Hello id like to bring up an interesting topic about Rebuild 3 relating to a possible “MMO” Game for rebuild. I believe that the fact players can build large gangs and or clans, Or alliance’s would have a perfect place as and “MMO” Game. If you would consider making this into an Online game i believe it would do very good on either the google play store and or apple store.

    If you make this into an Online MMO you would need to add a huge map of the current World for players and keep the usage of expanding your Gang to “Rebuild Humanity” During this players will have the choice to ally or war with other players gangs in the massive seed Generated Map. Your gang will be able to expand across the the globe and make friends along the way. But one issue is caused by this, Your expanding wouldn’t be limited but in fact unlimited. You would need to create either more servers or things to attack players aka the Zed which is already in the game but they would be well edited Or Some “NPC” Gangs to balance out strong players and also fix the disasters to be a bit more difficulty. You would also need to add more things about allies like Ally, Nap, Vassal, Puppet Ect.. . You would obviously keep rss around for expansion and survival. I think you should keep the ability to die if your gang is destroyed and have to start over. You would need to add upgradable buildings and New! Buildings Like Airports, Bases For your HQ which is in the game but needs to be modded. At the start of joining You should Have the ability to Teleport and or spawn to Your starter location Twice until your first movement. The map should be a massive but Generated using algorithms. This is just a little starting help if you do wish to create a “MMO” Game Via Rebuild.

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