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  1. hello,

    I purchased Rebuild 3 a while ago (I believe through this site). I received a Humble Bundle code, but I think I should have gotten a Steam code too.

    Is there something special I need to do to get the Steam code?

    ~ jf

    1. I’m addicted to I Was A Teenage Exocolonist and I would love to be able to customize my character’s looks. Is this something that could be added in a future patch or dlc?

  2. Hi! I just wanted to say Rebuild is awesome! This masterpiece of a game should include real-time (or turn based) Multiplayer! Just imagine having fun with your friends while trying to murder each other with motorcycles! Or cooperating with them in order to survive!

  3. Dear Sarah,

    I just wanted to drop by and say that i am thoroughly enjoying Rebuild 3.
    I bought it via Humble Bundle in the Beta phase but didn´t come around to actually play it after the release a fews weeks ago. I am now at the fifth city in the story mode, and beside the gameplay, which i know from Rebuild 1 and 2, especially the other factions really bring a lot to the game. It´s fun to decide which of the factions you want to help or destroy, and the decisions you make really appear meaningful.
    I also like the “side-quests” or events that actually have different ways of resolving, even if you take the same option you did last time.

    I still don´t really get Happiness and the realation between survivors, as they don´t seem to have much influence on the gameplay. But i´ll see how much that changes on higher difficulties.

    Anyway, great job, i´m having lots of fun.
    Greetins Simon

  4. We purchased the fantastic contraptions additional package for $10. on amazon and I never received an email with the “key” to open the game. Please advise. Thank you

  5. Hi just got rebuild 3 on my iPhone 4s and the Huds are all messed up? Rebuild 1 was amazing so I’d really like to play rebuild 3 aswell any chance of it being fixed or a reply telling me how to do so? Thank you!

    1. I’m on 4s as well and it’s really difficult to read the text. Changing graphic quality in the menu doesn’t do anything. Everything still looks pixelated. Loved rebuild 1 & 2 been playing since it was a flash game. Anyway to change graphic quality?

  6. I am loving this game (R3) so much. It’s the first ios game i can’t stop playing. Seven hours is no sweat. Driving around tired.

  7. I am being charged from this site for something I did not purchase. Please remove it from my credit card and reimburse me the charges. Block future purchases.

  8. hello from France.
    I really enjoy rebuid1 (more than rebuild2) but there is so mutch lag on Kongregate I can’t play well, it’s very frustating.. If there is somewere else I can play Rebuild1 without lag and full screen, I’m willing to pay for it.
    And a little change to the game to assign automaticly the unocupied people to the town defense withoul having to clic on “assign none” and “assign all” each turn would be great..

  9. Im playing rebuild 3 and i wanted to see what would happen if i visited one of my old cities before i went to the new one, and when i went to the new one i had my old survivors with me, not the ones i had with me to bring to the new city, regardless of how many times i go back a few saves and go to new city from there these other people are with me, dont have amy of the gear i equiped to bring and my dog and another one of the people i was with were dead so theres no reason they should show up when i go to new town

  10. Hi I’m just wondering but do you have a sort of online newspaper that says about updates, news about the company and future games?
    Michael Northway.

  11. I hope the creator of the Rebuild series still looks here. I was wondering if anywhere in the future that there will be a online multiplayer Rebuild. Like you still have to survive against the zombies and gather food and supplies except there are other players on there too doing the same thing. You can form alliances but they have to eventually be broken because there can only be one civilization standing. If you can do this or considering it could you please contact me as soon as you can. Thank you.

  12. Hi,

    I was wondering why I can’t buy rebuild 3 on the Amazon mobile app store, especially because they do sell all of the other Northway games. If it’s temporary or a permanent thing, could you let me know?



  13. Hello,

    Is there any way I can donate to Northway Games through Google Play? I absolutely love your Rebuild series, and I have about $25 in credits that I’d love to send your way. Please let me know if this is possible!

    cheers from a fellow Cascadian,

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  15. Hey are you guys gonna make Rebuild 2 for Android? I love the gorey look of the second game.

  16. Hi, I bought the android version of Rebuild 3. Is there anyway to port the save files from 1 device to another? Thanks in advance.

  17. Hi i just finished Rebuild 3, this game is Amazing. Will you ever create a sequel? I wanna invade Portland :D

  18. Hey guys, just wanted to say I’ve loved the Rebuild series since I was a kid, and I’m excited for I Was A Teenage Exocolonist! I think you guys should make a Discord fan server, y’know, for updates and stuff.

  19. Hey Sarah and Colin, I wanna first thank you for what an amazing game Rebuild 3 has been. I seem to have found a bug though, when asked to pay Gustav 10 food for him to reclaim an adjacent tile, I can’t seem to be able to select any tile for Gustav to proceed. I ended up declining his offer :( Could you look into this?

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  21. Rebuild 3:

    You create a genre-masterpiece and you know it.

    I just thank you for acutal ~400h of deep gameplay.

    You have a relative large fan-community on steam (for such an old little game) who wait for some words of “our leader through apocalypse”.

    These game is awesome and I didn´t uninstall it, it has a place as “evergreen” on my pc.

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  23. Though I already left reviews on Google Play Store, I just wanted to say thank you for your work on Rebuild and Rebuild3. I liked both of them. The horror-themed art of part one and its simplicity were especially good. Part 3’s story mode and improved mechanics were nice. I see now that you guys have really done it with I Was a Teenage Exocolonist! Bravo! I’ve added it to my wishlist and look forward to playing it in future1

    Cheers from India.

  24. I purchased Rebuild 3 a while back around 2020 now that I want to reinstall it it say I have to purchase it agian please help I don’t want to buy a game I own and have achievements for. Reply ASAP!!!

  25. Hi sarah, are you still there?
    Just want to let you know many of us want rebuild 4, and some of us dont have time left in this realm.
    I hope there will be rebuild 4 soon…

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