Can’t sleep… frog’ll eat me…

Okay there is a weird bloody frog (?) noise coming from outside. It sounds like a wheezing squeeze toy being squeezed slower every time. Between that and the crickets and Colin snoring… well it’s none of their faults, I’m just awake tonight. At least the flashlighters are still awake with me past midnight. They are way, waaay out there now. They must be at the reefs by now, at least a kilometer out.

There are little bugs bouncing around my screen since I turned the lights off to better see outside. We’ve had the A/C off the last three days as it’s seemed cool enough and we’d like to acclimatize. It’s obvious why half of our walls are also doors; you can get a nice breeze going through with them all open. But you get lightseeking bugs and ominous wheezy croaky noises in exchange.

I guess you guys in BC must be starting work right now. I just discovered google knows “what time is it in vancouver”… as evil as they may actually be, those guys never cease to delight me. Let’s see who’s not working to hard to chat with me… :)


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