Exocolonist Plushies Are Here!

Sol and Vriki plushies
Preorder your Sol and Vriki plushies now!

This is such a dream come true for me – I love merch and plushies are kind of the ultimate, aren’t they? We’re creating them through Makeship, which runs limited time campaigns sort of like Kickstarter. We need to reach our minimum goal of 200 sales before January 5th 2024 to get them made. So if you’ve been waiting for an Exo plush, lemme say it again:

🍄🍄🍄 Go get those Exocolonist plushies!! 🍄🍄🍄

The first 200 sales of each doll comes with a free Steam key for I Was a Teenage Exocolonist, which I’m told make excellent gifts (as do plushies!) if you’re in the holiday gift-giving spirit. Makeship hasn’t made them yet, except for these product samples I get to play around and take silly pictures with, but they should be shipping out by the end of March.

Once again: these are a one-time run available only for a limited time until January 5th!

Sol riding the Vriki
Save 10% if you buy both plushies together!

There are so many neat details, like the Vriki’s tentacle suckers and Sol’s removable jacket. They use a combination of printing and embroidery, and the material is so, so soft. They even fit together so Sol can ride the Vriki? Which is not exactly canon, but Vrikis can technically grow big enough, so I’m allowing it.

We’re doing these as a limited run not to torture people who are reading this after Jan 5th 2024 and missed out (I am SO sorry), but because we can’t handle fulfillment ourselves, so this is the only way they could get made. Imagine how much space 2,000 plushies would take up if I had to order that many!

Although that would be a pretty cool looking apartment, hmm…

Vriki beans and double Sol