Exocolonist Cosplay

Anemone cosplay by Ellie Amber, directed/edited by LAYER013Photography

For I Was a Teenage Exocolonist’s release, we partnered with some phenomenally talented cosplayers, including the amazing Ellie Amber featured here dressed as adult Anemone. I was absolutely bowled over with how much creativity and attention to detail went into these costumes.

Seriously, so beautiful!! Check out Ellie’s making-of process videos on Instagram:

Anemone cosplay by ellie.amber
Pauldrons shaping

Pauldrons painting

Wig trimming and styling

Boot details



Final product!

Ellie also created a PDF of cut-and-sew patterns for the costume and accessories, right down to Anemone’s scale-armored skin flakes:

Anemone cosplay patterns
Anemone cosplay patterns by Ellie Amber

And there are so many others! This was organized by our friends at Finji and ICO, so each new cosplay post was a delightful surprise to me and the Exo team. Seeing our characters out in the real world is so magical! Many of these creators also posted creation process videos, so scroll through their feeds for more instructions/techniques/mindblowing gorgeousness.

Behold, more Exocolonist cosplay:

Clémentine also made (and sent us!!) this gorgeous bobber fruit used in the above video:

Bobber Fruit by Clémentine Gelly
Bobber Fruit by Clémentine Gelly (@arborealkey)
@hiyartist About the game #iwasateenageexocolonist cosplay #utopiacharacter #cosplaycinematic #cinematics #naturalezaincreible ♬ sonido original – Eva Lara

@kirapika.cos I LOVE the game ! Go check out this game here : https://bit.ly/kirapika-Exocolonist ! #ad #Exocolonist #ExoInspired #cosplay ♬ som original – ~{Fairy Sky}~


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