Final round of #100exocards

We’ve come to the final round of #100exocards, guest card illustrations for I Was a Teenage Exocolonist by 100 different artists.

This group includes a few bonus cards as well! Exocolonist has 276 cards, and art for the others are a combination of cards by two of the team artists Mei and Eduardo, and from reused in-game assets (mostly drawn by Mei and Ed as well).

Working with all these diverse artists has been an amazing experience, and I need to thank Lindsay Ishihiro again for organizing it all.

Final round of guest illustrated cards – credits below.
A Grand Feast by Louis Chen
Vriki III by Blue
Unisaur II by Erica Doyle
A Mysterious Stranger by Ooorangy
Compromising by Mhuyo
Putting on your Scary Face by Tash-Fia Constant
Milking the Squeedger by JayJay
Losing your Temper by Rin
Getting Lost in the Fog by QuinncySama
Dishing the Dirt by Makorie
Telling a Gentle Tale by Rachel Harvey
Helping an Animal by Haveafreakday


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