Hunting on the reef

First blood
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We had about a week of stormy and overcast weather, which was good timing as I was finishing up my game Rebuild and Colin was just starting a new game (Clutter has been put on hold). I put Rebuild up for bid on, not expecting a lot of action at first, but action and excitement there has been! After just two days I had three bids of $5000 (the contract terms vary), and it’s likely to keep going up. The average game on there sells for 2k after about a month so this is very good! We treated Marcia and Dennis to drinks at Hole in the Wall to celebrate.

Just as we were leaving Dennis pointed out a baby Boa Constrictor sunning himself on the driveway, and we had a chance to pick him up and get to know him for a minute. They’ve got a rare subspecies on Roatan with pink bellies, they’re such pretty creatures.

Dennis lent us his Hawaiian sling, so today we went lionfish hunting. We started with a little guy we’d seen from the deck, who’s size made him a difficult target so it took Colin a few tries to hit. It was kind of sad killing such a beautiful creature but if people don’t do something they’re going to every other beautiful fish in the Caribbean. So we brought the sling out to our usual snorkeling spot and hunted around for more of them where coral clumps sprout out of the sand. I think we killed ten and badly wounded a couple others, all much bigger that the little guy under the dock. I messed the first couple up but was a perfect shot on the next four. It was surprisingly easy to hit them as you could get right up and shoot from an inch or two away, they were so unafraid. But some were very hard to finish once they’d been skewered and we had to bash them repeatedly against rocks which was gross and sad. Colin speared the largest of them perfectly but it wiggled off the prongs and darted into a crevice. It was a fun game and we felt like we made a little difference to the diversity of our favorite snorkeling spot.

After the hunt we swam with the purple schools, waved to the Hello Fish, poked gently at a lobster, nodded to the shrimp in the cinderblock then sunned ourselves with a picnic lunch at the tiki hut. It was a perfect day!


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