Just a quick note

We’re on the wrong side of the island!

We’re up in the north in Chaloklum. We heard rumours that there where internets of great strength here so have come hunting.

A conversation with a german shop-keep and the frankly abysmal state of this internet cafe suggest that we came in vain. Oh well we’ll just have to go snorkling instead. We have purchased some reasonably priced snorkle gear and we are off to Mae Haad where apparently the best snorkling on the island awaits.

We where planning on going snorkling up here and getting a bungalo for the night but conversation with the german diver changed our mind. Apparently the snorkling here in the north (2nd best on the island!) isn’t so good this time of year. In fact we where all keen to stay in bottle beach which is pretty well accessable only by beach. The german fellow suggested that the typhoon warning in vietnam probably made this a sketchy idea. Tourists have known to be stranded for days. Which initially sounds pretty romantic but he says the resorts slowly run out of food as well. Which sounds less romantic.

So I think we’re off to snorkling. I think Sarah’s caught you up on our last few days. Pretty chill. Very nice. We are very worried about the intertubes. It looks like we’re just going to have to pay for a year contract for a service that averages 25% uptime. Woot. That is if they don’t want to hold onto a passport for the year. Which they might (vague wording on malee’s note to us re:intertubes). If they do then we just can’t do it. We needs our passport to renew visas. We also have the option of moving into the thongsala-ban thai area where they have ADSL. I like our place and our location but needs drive the devil’s muster.

Off to Mae Haad for snorkling! Sheltered from typhoon waves and resort prices at 1/2 of the high season rates! Wish us good snorkling.


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