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Punchpunchpunch it’s three posts in a row!

We’re still going to the Magic group gatherings on Wednesdays, playing Time Spiral/Future Sight sealed decks. Time Spiral is probably the best set possible for me to get back into Magic, as it’s all about bringing back mechanics and flavour from oldschool sets. They even reprinted a bunch of cards with the old (better) card style. Future Sight on the other hand is full of cards with a new (also better) card style that are supposedly from sets yet to be released. Most of them are pretty lame: lots of tribal junk, silly new keywords and dumb mechanics like enchantments that are also creatures. At least they do seem to understand what we liked about past sets. In Time Spiral they even reprinted Merieke Ri Berit, one of my favorite cards from back in Ice Age.

At the last gathering I joined in on a four person draft of the WoW card game, which I’d never played before. It was pretty easy to catch on, as it’s a lot like Magic but simpler… too simple I think. The game revolves around your avatar or hero or whatever, who determines which side (Horde vs Alliance) all your creatures have to come from, and what subset (1 of ~6 classes) of other cards you can use. So, there seems to be much less flexibility in building decks. On the plus side it uses the mana system of letting you flip over any card to use as a land. You could more or less sum the rest up in a Magic card:

Wowize   –   Enchantment   –   3UUU
All creatures have: pay 0: this is unblockable except by walls.
All creatures gain Provoke.
When a creature is assigned as a blocker, tap it.
Every attack phase in which at least one creature attacks is followed by another attack phase.
Damage on creatures does not heal at end of turn.

Yeah, I know they aren’t called walls anymore, now they’re “creatures with Defender”. What was wrong with walls, guys?


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