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What have we been up to for the last week or so? Mostly surfing, laying in hammocks, and eating. With the occasional non-surfing-hammock-eating related activity in between.

Sarah has actually been getting some work done on a new game she’s working on: “Word up Dog” which is shaping up to be really really fun. Rebuild’s public release has been pretty exciting. She got a piece of fan mail today! I have been loafing around doing nothing of value. Mostly playing SpaceChem (a great game with a questionable learning curve). I’ve also been reading a great great book called A Road Through Kurdistan about a British engineer who builds a road through the Kurdish mountains of Iraq back in the 30’s when it was under british control. It is an astounding piece of non-fiction. It makes me really want to visit Kurdistan. It’s also incredibly interesting to read his philosophies on doing work in and governing someone elses country. It’s like night and day from the current American aproach.

A lot of the time it’s over 30 and that’s part of why I’m having trouble working. When it’s so hot all I want to do is go to the beach and go surfing!

We have been surfing for… 10 days? We’ve been out every day except for two rest days to let our muscles recover a little. Today was the first day I feel like we really went out surfing, like, for real surfing. Before today it was more like we were ‘playing in the waves’ practicing all the movements and timing in preperation for actually surfing a breaking wave. Today we paddled out past the breakers and bobbed around waiting for perfectly-timed waves. We each caught 3 or 4. I’d say we’re about equally skilled which I’m super stoked about. I’ve never gotten to share a physical passtime with Sarah so this is a big deal for me, her being there makes it way more fun.

We got a big fillet of Mahi Mahi as well as a Kilo of shrimp from a local fish-monger so we’ve been eating really well the last few days. Unfortunately there are no bananas to be found (!) in Samara for the last few days so our morning breakfast-smoothies have been curtailed. There are bananas ripening in the garden though so the worst-case senario isn’t that dire.

Anyway, I’m going to get back to lying in the hammock. That book isn’t going to read itself (good god I need to start doing some work!)


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