Motorbikoooo and mailoruuu

Colin just got back from his first short trip on our new motorbike. It is red, and yes we have red helmets to match, although I think mine is several sizes too big. :/ For those of you who know anything about bikes, it’s a Honda.. something.. 100cc. I’m going to let Colin ride it around for awhile before I get on the back – it still scares me!

Already looks like maybe a cell phone would have been a better idea than this GPRS thing.. I tried to sign up for an online account so we can add money to our sim card, and it sent my password to me by SMS! But I’m sure I’ll figure this out eventually. :)

Colin is playing a ninja game (Tenchu) on the DS right now. I’m trying not to play the sims or sid meyer’s railroads and instead am sucking up our possibly finite internet time looking up the species of plants and animals I’ve seen around here.

I think the key to living here is to simplify our lives more… because doing even things like going out, taking trips, shopping or buying services is much more difficult here than it was in Canada. It isn’t just the language barrier, it’s the less organized way things are done here, more easy-come-easy-go. People do what they feel like doing, when they feel like doing it.

So, like, they have post boxes at the post office, but maybe none are available today, check back next week. And you could try addressing a package to your home, but there’s a moderate chance it won’t ever arrive because houses aren’t numbered so the post guy might not be able to find it. So the trick is to find an address, like a resort, that is well known to the post people, with a trustworthy resort owner who can notify you when the package arrives.

Or, just don’t try to send mail! Simplification is the key to success I think. If only I wanted it to be that way! ;)


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