Neverwinter 2 came out just after we left, and while in Chiang Mai I tried hard but unsuccessfully to find a copy.. but of course they only have Thai-language versions of PC games, and it seems there have been a total of two dozen produced in the last five years. Shipping a copy would be too expensive and too much of a hassle, and I couldn’t torrent it until I reformat one of my drives into NTFS to handle files over 5GB (don’t ask me why – they’re FAT32). So, things were looking bad for my passing whim to play NWN2.

Then, as we were making our way through the Chiang Mai night market on the way to catch our train, what should we spot but a purveyor of digital copies of popular english software! This guy had such an amazing library of games and apps (incl a wide range of server and professional dev software, and a Mac section), we really had to hand it to him. After bartering we still paid way too much (something like $5 CDN), but the man was there to lend a hand in my hour of need.

Okay, I feel bad that I had just assumed I couldn’t buy the game online in downloadey form and never made an effort to look before now. It actually is available from Direct2Drive, but they give me the notice “This product is only available for purchase in North America” that I might even need a proxy to get around. So, for future reference… I guess that sucks.

Hah, I just hit my first blocked site – I went looking for proxy servers out of curiosity. http://www.publicproxyservers.com gives me, in Thai and English, “Sorry, The web site you are accessing has been blocked by the requested of The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology.” Of course the Google cache of it hasn’t been…

Note I still don’t know what it is they don’t want me to see via a proxy server…


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