Rebuild: iPhone, iPod touch & 99 cent sale

I just released the version 2.0 update to Rebuild iOS, which adds support for iPhone 3GS/4/4S and iPod Touch 3&4. To celebrate, Rebuild is also on sale for 99 cents through the end of this weekend!

I just got new business cards made up for GDC. This one is my favorite. :)

I hope this update also addresses some of the stability issues that Rebuild has been having on the iPad 1. Did you realize an iPhone 4 has twice as much memory as the iPad 1? So it was easier than I’d expected to accommodate iPhones, and obviously I should have done this earlier. I can’t get enough of how nice the cartoony map graphics look on that double-density display.


16 thoughts on “Rebuild: iPhone, iPod touch & 99 cent sale

  1. I am unable to purchase the app as well. I’ve been trying for over three hours. I REALLY want to play this game.

  2. Sorry, this is a problem on Apple’s end and they’re working to fix it, but it might take a few days. This couldn’t have happened at a worse time – looks like I may have zero sales on launch day. :(

  3. Can’t wait to buy it! Come on, Apple. :) Been looking forward to this one and it slipped by until I got reminded by the TouchArcade review. I’ll be clicking “Buy” until Apple gets it working again – congrats on a successful game.

  4. Still not letting me buy it. Had this problem with a game yesterday. The dev had to change the price and then change it back and then it allowed me to buy it.

  5. Looking forward to playing this. I hadn’t heard of it before but saw it on the TouchArcade newsfeed.

    I’m getting the same problem where I can’t even buy it, but I’ll keep trying until I can :)

  6. For anyone having provlems, gift the app and email it to an address other than your iTunes address and you’ll be able to buy it with no problems

    It does work, promise!!


    1. I also confirm it to work. Gift it to a secondary e-mail address, access the the e-mail and click the ‘redeem now’ button, then obtain the gift using your iTunes account.

      I could have waited for all this to be fixed but I wanted to play it so badly.

  7. It looks like it’s starting to work. The functioning game is starting to trickle across servers worldwide now.

  8. Guise.

    I just spent four hours playing your game, guise. My eyes are sore and still I itch to load it up again. This is the most disgustingly addictive game I have every played.


    I love you.

    If you make more adventure games I will give you more money. I promise.


    I will pay 2.99 for sequels.
    I will pay 4.99 for sequels with relationships and a compelling mystery solved through traveling to other cities.

    Keep being awesome.

    That is all.

    Ms. Jesus

    1. I was able to buy it for my ipod 2g, after major modifications to it via iFile, but I get problems with downloading it. I’ll try adding it in with my PC but don’t get your hopes up.

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