Round seven of #100exocards

Spoilers this time – I don’t usually warn but these happen to be mainly late game cards with too obvious names.

It’s unlikely you’d see more than a couple of these in one playthrough, because you’d need to focus most of your teen years on one area: geoponics, exploration, engineering, or garrison. You won’t have time to do all of them in one playthrough.













Seventh round of guest illustrated cards – credits below.
A Stressful Event by cupidbeaux
The Vertumna Group by Tan Juan Gee
Winning the Championship by Karagna
Playing Shovelball with Cal by PyrokidSosa
Passing the Final Exam by Mhuyo
Harvesting the Fastest by navasketch
Advancing to Black Belt by Ian Garces
Ending the Trippet Revolts by Mattibee
Tracking the Airsquid by Collin Wilhelm
Engineered Plague by koloquials


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