Second day of kayaking

Another great kayak trip today! We went south this time and made it all the way to the start of Thongsala, although we opted for lunch on the beach rather than going in to town. On the way back we hit another storm with a surprisingly strong wind in our face, so we pulled in to the nearest bar to have drinks and watch the rain.

The highlight was exploring the small river that feeds into our bay, Ao Hin Kong. We got surprisingly far through the mangrove-choked stream and saw, among other things, crabs that climb trees! Their shells resemble tree bark and they tuck their bright blue claws under them while they sit up in the branches over the water. If disturbed they quickly leap down with a loud plop – we thought they were frogs until we managed to sneak up on a couple for a closer view.

Speaking of frogs, we saw a big frog cross the road by our house they other day, and up near Haad Yao there were tiny black frogs (smaller than my pinky nail) hopping all over the ground. Much more impressive than the spiders, which a few tiny sightings today bring the count up to 6. One had super long whispy legs and looked like it could probably walk on the water like a water-skeeter.

Well, Colin is out cold but I should probably wake him up so we can go return the kayaks and get some dinner on our way back home.


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