The Talisman miniseries?

Le talisman
Wicked future-from-the-80s book art
So, they’re making a six hour miniseries of one of my favorite childhood books, The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub. But they’re going to ruin it! The guy writing the screenplay also wrote Reindeer Games, The Brothers Grimm, and the US clones of The Ring and The Ring 2. Yuck. Yuck! The first two were terrible movies from directors with previously great track records, and the latter almost word-for-word translations.

Spielberg is producing; does that mean it’s going to have the entire budget poured into effects? One of the two leads will either be CGI or a guy in a big hairy suit. Or a muppet I guess, best-case. Stephen King will probably have his paws in it though, and we know what that means for screen adaptations of his books. True to the material with somewhat of a disregard for the art of filmmaking.

Dark Tower fanart by edved
Awesome fanart by edved
Hmm, I didn’t know they wrote a sequel to The Talisman. Somehow I just want everyone to leave the story alone so it can stay precious.. though I am kind of excited to find references to it in the Dark Tower series I’m finally reading the end of.

I’m on Wolves of the Calla now, and reading it on the DS because I couldn’t find a real copy (I have the next one ready in paperback). He wasn’t kidding about this being his masterpiece; it ties all these different books together with little references and characters. has a thrillingly obsessive collection of these connections, complete with diagrams, and sweet fanart. The webmaster seems to share my apprehensions surrounding the Talisman miniseries – coming in 2008!

Yeah, I guess we’ll see…


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