Too Stormy for Snorkling

Too Stormy for Snorkling
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Taluka are gone. Off to Bangkok and then home for the first time in several months.

Their visit was much fun. We ate well and trotted off to various snorkling and beach destinations for 8 days. It was nice to have some friends around.

Now they have wandered off and life tries to find another rythm. The last few days have certainly been good ones. It was really fun to have Taluka here but without the impetus to find sure-fire entertainment we have turned back to exploration. Which, Sarah agrees, usually provides.

Today we found a public park? Mabey. It was a long and costly looking set of stairs down to a little rocky beach covered in detritus washed up by the sea.

I have no idea why such an expensive stariway exists. I suggest the government because governments seem the most likely to spend such large amounts of money on something with such a dubious purpose.

From there we wandered through a jungle path to the far edge of the Chaloklum beach and did some swimming. Then we wandered up the roads back to our bike to do some snorkling in Haad Salad. At Haad Salad we ate lunch (one of the best masaman curries ever) but as we supped the weather turned un-snorkle-friendly. In fact when it started to rain on us we hid in an abandoned bar (well it was abandoned till 7:00, when it opened) and played with a very well cared for cat.

From there we rode home and I had a nap. Then I prepped and posted the pictures you see on flickr. Sarah put some rice on and we finished our curry while watching Idiocracy. Now it’s time for sleep. In fact I’m writing this in bed while Sarah steals some bedding from me to shield her eyes from the glow of the laptop screen.

So that was our day. Yesterday was much the same. Tomorrow will be simmilar. This is pretty well paradise.

Idiocracy: I liked it, I thought parts of it were very funny. But I no longer buy the fox-barried-it-for-idiological/political-reasons argument. The movie just didn’t hold together like it should have. It wandered, the world seemed flat, and the characters didn’t seem to fit together. It doesn’t suprise me that fox didn’t put the money into a full realease.

We did spend an hour reading all the signs and adds peppered through the movie. The set dressers must have had a ball.

An interesting note: Beef Supreme was Futureman! Man those Wilson brothers are great.


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