Tour de Fat

tour de fat
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Rode down to New Belgium Brewing’s Tour de Fat bikes + beer festival in the park today where we drank beer, rode some wacky bikes and saw a couple unusual performances. I much enjoyed The Sprockettes who had an energetic bike themed dance act that culminated in human pyramids and a bicycle being played like a guitar (Colin was impressed). And a martial arts / juggling / dance / rock performance by Nanda which was delightfully strange and original. One of the four performers had a broken foot but they worked his crutches into the act amazingly well.

They had a free ride area with a dozen or so very strange bikes. Someone caught us in the act of totally pwning the ass-backwards handleless tandem you see here (we’re the ones on the right). The steering was like a tank, or those paddle boats where you turn by having one side pedal faster than the other. Colin wore his new bicycle suspenders which got a number of comments.

So we salute New Belgium for their taste in free outdoor events, if not entirely for their taste in malted alcoholic beverages (their beers are… mmm… okay).


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