Word Up Dog: Bling-bling yo

There are 7 levels in the new improved mobile Word Up Dog, each with it’s own bling-bling in the form of growing vines, dancing bugs, lava, ice and letter-spewing fire-hydrant shaped gashapon machines.

Some things like the gashapon make life easier – you can feed it letters to exchange for different letters. Others are challenges to be overcome, like the vines that take as much energy to dig through as regular dirt, but grow back after a few minutes.

When I wrote the original Word Up Dog two years ago, I was planning to make it a free mobile game with in-app purchases. You’d pay to unlock levels 2-7, and maybe to buy powerups and wildcards. I like demos and want as many people as possible to be able to play my games, but it seems that indie games are getting burned by free-to-play lately. I’ve decided I’m better off charging $1.99 to start and having halfprice sales as often as I can.


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