Okay that was a reaaally long post I guess. Sorry! I wrote it when I was trying to stay awake past at least six pm (Colin had fallen asleep at like 4). And I never got around to writing about the day that followed, which ruled!

We went in to Thongsala to get some food and stuff and a great time was had by all. Still no motorcycles although Colin keeps bringing it up and I’m quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) freaking out about having to ride on one of those death-machines. Taxis so far have been so-so in terms of how often they come by; I think it’s because it’s the off season right now.

We walked north for about an hour yesterday to the nearest sandy beach. It was totally surrounded by resorts with restaurants, shops and a small diving school. We only saw about six other farangs in the whole place though, and had the very pretty beach mostly to ourselves.

I posted some pictures from our house up on flickr. We’ll take more soon when I remember to bring the camera along with us. ;)


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