And then it was… like.. wednesday?

I have no idea what day of the week or month it is. I do know we found a place that just costs 1 baht a minute though! hoho lucky us. Just down from the coolest furniture store ever.

The furniture store had all this hand made stuff for pretty cheap. They had a whole set of a table and 4 chairs all made out of trees. Nothing as boring as boards but trees. Like they just upended a root system, looked at it until they saw a chair, cut away the non-chairy bits, and then varnished the whole thing. The whole set was 600 canadian. And let me tell you it was the heaviest furniture I have ever sat (satten? sitten? satted?) in.

We’re trying to find a kyak to rent today but aren’t having alot of luck just wandering around in thongsala looking for resorts. I think I will have to use the intertubes to locate one. The shoreline is fantastically beautiful and I just need to get out there and explore it.

It is a little maddening having all this new wildlife all around us without knowing what any of it is so we raided an english book store for guides. I found one on local birds, and fishes/invertibrates of the reefs but nothing on plants!

The fish book was helpfull enough to identify that fish I mentioned last time not as a parot fish as I had guessed but as a puffer fish as Sarah had immediately known.

Wait hold on… the woman next to me is having trouble getting her hotmail attachment downloaded in IE.

Haha! yeah IE was hosed so question 1: is firefox installed? yes

question 2: does the download work in firefox? of course it does!

Wow firefox beats IE in HOTMAIL! Totaly rediculous.

Although now I almost feel like an apostle bringing the light of firefox to the less fortunate.

Internet Propreitor: Firefox is better than IE?
Me: Oh yes

Anyway where was I? Oh yeah my circuitous route to birding. I’m actually starting to get what people see in the passtime. Turns out there are birds everywhere. Alot of them, and alot of them look really neat. Plus they’re hard to sneak up on to get a good look at and require adventuring both to interesting locales (ooo mangrove forests) and into other people’s back yards (I’m not that bold yet so not much of a birder). So that might get it’s talons into me. Although I’ll need to fond a better birding book. The pocket guide I grabbed is, as advertised, very not complete.

Well I think I’ll leave it at that for now. I think Sarah’s warpping up her post and I still want to see about kyaks.

Cheers all



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