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In San Francisco we are.

So we’re getting set up. The piccy is the view from our room in the Gaylord Suites (awesome name). The first resident-hotel in San Francisco. Built in 1927. Or some such thing. It’s pretty fanzy.

We have a phone. I’m actually surprised what a decent deal we got. Shopping around we found t-mobile had the most european system available. We buy cards at the 7-11 and put money on as we use it. No monthly fee. Much like civilized countries.

The price isn’t as nice as thailand. 10 bucks for 30 minutes. But it doesn’t expire for 3 months(!) and there are literally no other fees. If we use the phone more we can get more minutes for a better rate. I guess we’ll see. If we get the hang of messanging then communication will be very cheap.

So now it’s finding an appartment. We already have some calls/emails off to some places. We have a good idea where we want to live. We like the china town/nob hill/commercial kind of general area. West of Union where we are now is a little high brow. north and east looks more our style. And is closer to San Francisco brew pub.

A few places mentioned they wanted to see credit scores. I never really knew what credit scores where. Just that rental places went and dug them up before they rented to you. I was stressed about credit scores crossing borders. Since people where asking us to bring our own I did some reasearch and we paid equifax to tell us what Sarahs score is.

Turns out Sarah’s score is really good. So it should be pretty easy to convince someone to rent to us on the spot. First open house is at 3:00.

A yay for San Francisco moment: surfing a google maps/craigs list mashup on free wifi in union square with a really good iced tea in hand.


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