OOO had a Bling party to celebrate adding money (called ‘Bars’, which can be bought for ~ 9 cents USD) to Whirled. We’re also doing some exciting contests which have generated a little media attention and swathes of new visitors to the site which has been fun to watch. The bling party was a ton of fun, and I got to take my soon-to-be wedding dress on a trial run. My first corset ever, so sexy and comfortable! Ladies, you need to check out Damsel in this Dress and get yourself one. :D

This morning we attended a Proposition 8 protest rally which was energizing but not totally directing. Some speakers talked about love and the importance of accepting people of faith into the movement, others emphasized the fact that this was an amendment based on hatred and pointed fingers at the Mormon church, whose members were the primary funders of the Yes campaign. The Yes advertisements focused heavily on the impact it would have on our children. Particularly, people seemed to be worried about “confusing” their kids by teaching them about LGBT. And we wonder why education is so terrible in the US: I guess math and science could “confuse” kids as well, let’s just take those out of the curriculum to protect the little darlings.


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