To hell with FC, come join Whirled!

So, sounds like Fantastic Contraption is finally settled into InXile’s hands. I was about to say it was humming along on the new server but it’s timing out for me right now. :/ So, uh, it’s in their hands anyway. I hope that soon Colin can stop worrying about it all day and focus on something new. Has he shown you Flock it to Me? Ask him about Flock it to Me.

Meanwhile we’ve been adding all sorts of new stuffs to Whirled this month; if you haven’t tried it yet you should come check it out. The DeviantART contest winners have been announced, and they’re pretty inspiring; it’s so wonderful to see people doing things in Whirled that I’d never thought of before. My game Laws and Disorder now has a single player mode, and I’ve started working on another that I hope to make some progress with over the Thanksgiving weekend. Yes, this has been a bit of a blatant attempt to test the affiliates system. Sign up through these links and I’ll get 30% of any money you ever spend! :D


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