Mr and Mrs Northway!

We got married on Wednesday up in Parksville BC. It may not be obvious from this picture, but there was a fair bit of snow going on that day. It was actually quite a momentous snowfall for these parts, but we persevered with our planned walk on the beach after the ceremony. Houses lost power and highways were closed off, and amid the chaos I became Mrs Sarah Northway! :D

Yes this is my wedding dress, er, minus the hat and scarf. It was a tiny family affair, but we found ways to spice it up. Our commissioner was also a professional magician, and during the ceremony made the rings appear, linked together, in a flash of fire. Just getting home after dinner was a real adventure in the storm. I suppose this must be breaking all kinds of local weather records, and I hear we’re in for even more snow before Christmas.

My folks got us a few days in a log cabin at a local resort called the Tigh Na Mara as a wedding present. We had an amazing, really epic meal there yesterday. It consisted of a dozen (at least, we lost count!) small plates, each one perfectly prepared, brought one after the other until we could eat no more. If you ever have the chance I highly recommend Endless Tapas at the Treetop Grill. We were pretty much the only ones there, had a dip in the grotto mineral pool before and after, and ate in our bathrobes. Pretty ideal I must say! :)


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