Ban Tai beach

Today we continued our treck around the beaches of the island. This time we hit up the beach between Thong Sala and Ban Tai. It’s a big one. Pretty much covers the whole south coast.

There are alot of resorts along the beach but the beach is so long that it doesn’t feel crowded like Haad Salad.

We didn’t manage to treck the whole beach. In fact we didn’t even make it to Ban Tai before we hit a point where the beach, the tide, and the land didn’t really all get along. So being hungry we wandered up to the road to find some lunch. We found lunch in a seafood restaurant (redundant) that was very nice, overpriced and served bad food. The people running it where very nice though.

I have discovered that in Thailand the dumpier a place looks the cheaper the place is and the cheaper the place is the better the food is. Works for me!

mmm I smell lime. Sarah’s making coconut shakes with lime and the coconut we drank for breakfast (thanks beeya!).

We walked in from the beach and stopped by a little art gallery. They had a limited, but interesting, selection of local art. They also do copies of any famous canvas you like! They even have art books on hand to help you chose. Or they will turn a photo into an oil painting!

I would rather have something original that the artist thought vibrant. Although the picture into an oil idea is so crazy it might be cool.

Then we bought some food and a new bathingsuit/shorts (bottom fell out of the old ones at Haad Salad. awkward). On the way out of town we stopped by a little hidden beach we found last time we where in town (where the flower and ‘pede picture where taken) and did some swimming.

It is a beautiful beach. Small, empty, and surrounded by granite washed and sculpted by the sea.

Very nice.

I got some pictures I quite like. Mostly of thailand’s gift to photography: the longtail boat.


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