Puppies and, ah, yoga, I guess

Snorkling continues to be wonderful. We’ve been exploring the beaches up north from here and the visibility has been good. I’ve really grown an appreciation for the beauty of coral; the term “underwater garden” often comes to mind out there.

Put some new pics up, including more of puppies! Colin is busy taking pictures that contain both longtail boats and puppies. Hold on, I said something to Weas about it last night that sounded good: “noone can be frustrated with a puppy chewing her nose”.

Okay no, that wasn’t witty, I was just tired. And frustrated with Visual Source Safe, which as anyone who has ever used it knows is a sack of crap. But… ahhhh, puppies.

Okay so the yoga place up the street, in addition to offering courses on clairvoyance and astral projection, this spring will be hosting a week long workshop on Tantric Sex. You know, for those of you who needed another reason to come.

Those crazy yogans.


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