Beer Review: Kuma Zakura Micro Brewery Corp: … the one with all the crazy fish and things on it w

Got this on the 60th floor observasion platform of the Sunshine 60 building.

It cost me 6$ for a 330ml bottle. It is a real bottle though. With a cap and everything! First one I’ve seen.

The label is really neat. It looks like what would happen if Ralph Steadman drew anime.

I have no idea what it’s called. All I know is it was Micro Brewery Corporation… which is an interesting concept. Apparently Kuma Zakura primarily makes Sake and this is a bit of a departure for them.

Expectations are high! Let the bottle opener fly!

Oh lucky; it’s dark. Nice colour, head looks dense but not guiness-wannabe dense.

First sip: smell is genuinely intriguing. Taste is… subtle, porterish again.

Very subtle. This is “The Hop” all over again! I think there might be a good beer in there. It’s just speaking very quitly. The strongest smell is faintly Caramelly and hits just after the initial tasting.

hmm. I seem to have run out of things to say already.

It is a pretty beer. It’s ‘easy to drink’ for those who think that is somehow valuable.

Well. The beer is gone and “Cats: the movie” (not based on teh musical but based on the mamal) is on. So I guess this review is over.


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