Beer Review: Everything brewed under the Kirin label

We were hangin with robes in Yokohama the other day and stumbled upon a “Kirin the Brew Pub”!

Sarah and Pierre indulged my burning desire to eat at an austrian brew ‘hause’ run by a japanese


The experience was novel. Unlike the beer. We tried their brew meister, pale ale, and ‘dark’

beers. I also added their ‘alpha number one’ or some such brew to the list later in the day.

All the beers tasted _exactly_ the same. And tasted very little. The experiences differed only

in the colouring that had been artificially added to the beer. And in the price (alpha number

one cost 1$ more).

So to Kirin beers in general a great big dismissive wave of the hand. (this is excepting beers

brewed under their Yebisu label, which must first be tasted and then dismissed)


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