Beer Review: Yokohama Brewery: Habanero Ale

Alan complained that I complained too much in my reviews thus far. Thus I picked, from our

growing battery, a beer that I have high hopes for. Hopefully this time there will be mostly


Actually it’s the brewery I have high hopes for. I forgot I got the habanero ale. Unable to

resist the novelty. Still, this should be a cure for all the weak, scrawny beers that we have

been wading through.

We did purchase this beer in Yokohama. A city outside of Tokyo. A place our landlord refers to

as ‘very far away’. It took 1/2 hour to get there.

OK opening the bottle (yay, no can). Light, perhapse reddy colour. Strongly carbonated.

Smells like the desert!

First Sip: WHHHHOA! good googly moogly. It’s, like, a beer made with Habanero! What a great

aftertaste. Just like a spicy bite of salsa.

The primary taste is of… hibiscus? (which is what it smells of as well) Which is nice. And

goes well thematically. The carbonation bites nicely just as the hibiscus is dying and the

gentle burny peper falvour is settling in. The alcohol% is 5.5 but it isn’t really a beer that

wants alot of alcohol. The taste fits nicely in there with the carbonation giving the

aftertaste a cheery sort of boost on it’s way.

Now that the beer is almost gone (300ml, 6 bucks) I notice the habanero in there to begin with,

sort of dancing happily around on your tongue playing peek-a-boo with the hibiscus.

Well good job Yokohmama brewery! Way to make a beer with some flavour. Alot of flavour! Even

a beer with an original taste. I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone had one at the next beer

fest in vic.

Complex, pleasent flavour. None of that unpleasent pringles taste about it. And a nice water

colour label to-boot.

We have to find another reason to visit Yokohama!


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