Beer REview: Asahi: Prime Time

Asahi Prime Time “Original All Malt Beer For the Best Moments In Life, Let yourself Go”. Let

yourself go to spend 5 dollars on 500ml of fad-following artificial flavours!

I haven’t tried it yet but I assume Asahi’s entry into the OMG MALTS! catagory of beers will fit

in there snugly with suntory and kirin’s. Decent but lacking inspiration.

This is also the first Asahi beer I have had in Japan. Lets crack that attractive dark blue can

with gold lettering.

Wtf it looks like a lager. How do you have a malty all malt 100% malt beer with malt if it

isn’t dark!? Malt beer has clearly been branded to be dark! Catch up Asahi!

Nice even, thick, head. Shortly lived. Generally laggery coloured. Smells like nothing.

First sip: Weird. Shit this is going to be hard to explain. It aint strong. Again this

appears to be another beer designed to make that 5 bucks go as quickly as possible. Here is

your beer sir. Drink it now! Faster! Buy another one!

There is no primary taste. It does not exist. Mabey that’s why beer companies don’t make beer

entirely out of malt.

Ok the aftertaste… if you just take a sip it doesn’t offer anything but if you give it a

really good pull it brings a little taste to the table. And that taste is… a tiny bit fruity

but mostly… beery?

Yes. The aftertaste tastes like beer. Asahi has managed to make a beer that tastes like

fermented barley. Although only faintly.

Sarah describes the taste as “ugh, camel piss. For the Best Moments In Life, Let yourself Go,

and then drink your own piss”. But I think that’s stretching it. Drinking your own piss would

surely be a more noteworthy experience.

So… yeah. I have well over 1/2 a can of this left. I think I’m going to spend the rest of

the night drinking Shochu and attempting to wish this beer into more Yokohama Habanero.


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