Before the beginning

It had completely slipped my mind that some people reading this probably don’t have the whys and wherefores of the whole trip to Thailand thing. So here it is.

At some point we decided we had to leave the country. For alot of reasons really. I’d rather not grow up and die all on the same little island for one. We both pretty keen on getting to know another place and way of life. We don’t want to travel so much as live somewhere else. We’re less interested in seeing sights than becoming part of them.

So we decided about 8 or 9 months ago. That we where going to find a place in the world we thought looked interesting. Note that we came to that decision 8 months ago but we’re leaving now. This was because of work. We both felt pretty indispensible at work so we figured we’d give them 6 months to replace us. This decision was alot harder to make than it mat sound. Originally the plan was just to take the whole summer off.

Alright I just got a call saying my laptop ISN’T going to make it tonight and now I’m just all with the hoping I can pick it up tomorrow at the airport. I’m going to bed.

To be continued…


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