We Live!

We Live!

Yes I’m sorry we neglected to post anything for several days there. We’re very much still getting our feet.

Two days ago when we first arrived in Thongsala we actually sat down at a computer and wrote the rental agents an email.

I was so amazing out of it after… god I don’t know how many hours of traveling? (like 24 hours or something) that it didn’t even occur to me to put a quick post up to let people know we made it.

Then yesterday we didn’t end up anywhere near an internet conncetion.

So today we’re back in the big city (relatively, remember the island has a pop. of like 10,000) and we ducked into this cafe to update the log.

First impressions are many. Friendly people. Beautiful Island. Hot. Wonderfull house (next to where the fisher women start and end their day. We’ll have to score some fish off of them on the way in one day).

I remember when we first got into Thongsala the place seemed smelly and dirty but two days later it seems bustling and friendly. We met a fellow named Alan out of LA who has done a fair amount of traveling in Thailand and he said you “get used to the smell”. Which sounded foreboding, but all I can smell now is delicious delicious food.

No pictures for now. Too lazy, and we’ve still got some stuff to figure out today, like: what do we do with our garbage? how do we get this hole internet thing going? How do we get the big vat of water perched outside refilled (actually someone may have come in the nigth and done that)?

I’ve been swiming all 2 mornings we’ve been here, which is a habbit I hope to keep up. The only problem is that we don’t really live on a swimming beach so I have to walk like 20 minutes into the water to get waist deep. And then if the tide’s low there’s this bloody reef in the way. The reef at our beach isn’t much to get excited about. There are a very few small colourful fish around but mostly everything is just a plain beige (although we did glimpse what I think was a parot fish today)

So far our health is holding. Sarah has a cough she can’t keep down which she insists isn’t pnemonia (although antibiotics are available off the shelf here (which I do not like)). Last night I managed to get a fever and a sore throat but I drank a huge amount of water and had a couple of tylenol and now I feel fine.

Other stuff? yes lots. But then the clock is ticking and this costs me all of 2 baht a minute.

Hopefully we’ll have our own connection going in a few days (weeks) and I can do a proper update. In the mean time I’ll drop into one of these joints from time to time.

Sawat Dee Khop from Koh Phangan!


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