Sarah also lives!

To confirm, we are alive and have arrived on Koh Phangan. Our house is beautiful and right on the beach as advertised. It’s also right on the main road which is cool; we can pretty much step outside and hail a cab and we can wave to people riding by from our living room. It seems to be right beside beach access as well – there are women who come through every morning to fish and stay out in the water fishing all day.

I’m glad we have air conditioning, at least for the first few weeks. I’m sure we’ll get used to the heat soon, and since it’s been overcast and a little breezy it’s actually pretty pleasant.

Okay, so NOBODY walks anywhere here. Even here in the biggest town, Thongsala, people ride their motorbikes to go down two shops or across the street. But being the adventurers we are, we walked from our place at Ao Hin Kong into town this morning. It took about an hour and we stopped for breakfast. A lot of the houses along the main road also have some kind of business. We were looking for a coffee place called Starbugs that is apparently just down the street from us this morning but must have missed it; most businseses look like somebody’s house but have a small sign in Thai.

We’ll have pictures for you soon. Since we didn’t really start out intending to walk all the way to Thongsala I didn’t bring them along. I am starting to go a leeetle nuts without the Internet – oh and it didn’t occur to either of us that the plugs here wouldn’t have a ground, so I haven’t been able to use my laptop much. I tried plugging it in to our clunky big adapter which doesn’t have a ground either, and was getting little electric shocks when using the touch pad. So – first stop in town today is an electronics store.

Spider count for Erin: one so far. A tiny wolf spider Colin found in the fridge; even smaller than the ones back in BC. We’ve also seen tons of pretty birds and little lizards and some neato fishes. We’ve gotten a lot of use of the binoculars we brought. Spying on neighbors too! ^__^

More updates and pictures to come – hope we can get our own connection set up soon!

– Sarah


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