Birdie nesting season

A bird
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No, we didn’t take this picture… I’ve been trying to get a shot of the Mynas who are scoping out our gutters for possible nesting sites, but they’re all agitated and flighty these days. They’ve been so vocal lately as they fight over nesting territory; really the most beautiful and diverse bird calls. I’m not sure why everyone here keeps Red-whiskered Bulbuls in cages for their pretty songs (they even have singing competitions!). In my opinion the so-called pests, the Common Mynas, sound just as interesting.

You could say Colin has also been flitting around various activities. He has taken up bouldering, as much as one can do it without climbing shoes anyway, and he’s starting to build up calouses on his fingertips for the first time in years. Photography is still going strong; he’s even started referring to the Flickr account has his portfolio. :) And today he’s out kiteboarding again and thinking about buying the equipment now that the season of optimum wind has started.

And I’ve been… writing a game! You may remember Beeble World, a webbased game that Colin and a few friends worked on several years ago. Well this is a webbased mmorpg of the same name, but is otherwise completely unrelated. ;) This is something I’ve always wanted to do and is even more fun than I’d imagined. Plus I’m learning a lot about Java, Flash and game design. I’ll let you know when there is something to show.

Lastly, the dogs live! Well most of them do; sadly Rope was killed by a truck a few weeks ago. But I thought they’d all been poisoned or something when they disappeared in mid-January. Turns out a visiting French couple have taken on the duty of feeding and caring for them. We went up to their place last night and practiced our French; it’s remarkable how much harder it became as I got tired; maybe this is why I did so poorly at French in High School?


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