I am now the proud owner of one very large kite (actually two).

After spending some time thinking about the possibilities for the future I bought a rig. Among the key considerations: kiteboarding beaches in Tokyo are accessible via public transit, there are large and active communities in Van and Vic, February is the best month for kitesurfing on Koh Phangan, and whenever the wind is up my heart starts to beat out of my chest until I strap a kite to it.

So Woot Woot. I spent all day hangin under my kite. Well, I spent more time walking up the beach because I still suck at kiteboarding and can’t go upwind yet. But after a solid 4 or 5 hours today I have improved an order of magnatude. I predict in the next few days I will be riding upwind and that will be awesome.

Although I find being bad at something is often as fun as being good at it. Especially when that thing is really hard. It’s kind of nice having that clear goal ahead and knowing you just have to put your head down and try and try and try until it starts to work.

In fact I have a theory about why sucking at something is so much fun: because the best part of games, sports, whatever is learning them and getting better. And when you’re really bad at something you’re usually learning at a tremendous rate.

So yay for sucking at things because every time you fail you get to have the fun of guessing why.


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