Byebye to Costa Rica

Bye bye Jose & Gabe’s bar
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Our last weekend in Pochote was crazygoodtimes. So crazy and good in fact that we never had a chance to write about it, and then we got to San Francisco and that was the end of our free time. But here’s how our last weekend in Costa Rica went:

We went to another Rodeo in a small ranching town north of Pochote. I can’t remember the name and of course it’s not on the maps (neither is Pochote for that matter). The entire festival was smaller and more community-based, we went with a bigger group and everybody knew everybody. But the bull riding was more intense, and bloody.

The first rider was running for the walls after getting thrown when his bull caught up and gored him in the back. The guy made it to the wall then collapsed, and the announcer joked that he’d let us know when the funeral would be. At least I assume it was a joke, but the rider didn’t look too healthy as they were rushing him to the medics. The second ride was even worse. The rider was thrown off, then the bull stomped hard on him several times. It was hard to tell how badly he was hit, but it was terrifying to see. When they chased the bulls off the rider jumped up and ran to the walls, then fell over and had to be stretchered off as well. With that tragic start, every ride afterwards seemed life-or-death. Those bulls were furious, much angrier than at the Cobano rodeo. We didn’t miss having drunken tourists running around in the ring with them.

After the rodeo we all went back to the beach in front of Gabe’s and drank the bar out of alcohol once again while watching the stars and our bonfire.

The next afternoon we were working on the deck when an incredible racket started up from the direction of the bar. It was an 8 or so part Cimarrona band that looked and sounded roughly like this. They were the band from the rodeo, playing for their supper right next door. They lent us some instruments and let us play along, and so our last evening in Costa Rica got started early. Kwon-bum brought lobsters and scallops for another amazing feast from the sea. We danced and drank and said our tearful goodbyes late into the night.

We miss our friends in Costa Rica, and we miss the peace and beauty of our little whale bay. Every place we visit is so different and it’s hard to leave each one, but we have to remember that we’d never have discovered Pochote and had such great times there if we’d stopped traveling. So, onward!


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