Rebuild 2: Bring on the music

Colin and I are having a great time in San Francisco. It was a big adjustment (especially weather-wise) from the beaches of Costa Rica, but seeing all our friends again has made me wonder why we left.

Last month we went to a bizarre concert: Mike Patton and noise-music duo PIVIXKI, consisting of a mad, energetic drummer and an even madder more energetic pianist. But it was the opening act that caught my attention and wouldn’t leave my head.

Bill Gould and Gigante Sound (Jared Blum and Dominic Cramp) opened with music from their new album The Talking Book: a collection of dark and atmospheric soundscapes that were so moving and so amazing to hear live (I was right up front). I kept closing my eyes and could imagine playing Rebuild to the music. It was perfect. I contacted them later in the week and licensed a few songs for the sequel. So, presenting the soundtrack to Rebuild 2:

The Talking Book by Bill Gould & Jared Blum
The Talking Book - Rebuild's new music

You can hear samples on their site or on Amazon, but the 30-second snippets don’t do it justice. I fell asleep last week after listening to the album and had a vivid dream of a zombie-ridden future.

It was actually quite a sad dream. Most of the people I loved were dead and our chances of survival seemed bleak. I wondered if it was morally right to make light of such horrors, even if they are fictional.


4 thoughts on “Rebuild 2: Bring on the music

  1. That music sounds fitting to the atmosphere in the artwork you showed us a while ago. Looking forward to Rebuild 2 :)

  2. i am so stoked for rebuild 2. i spent days upon days playing the first. i have ideas for the game but i dont know if you would like them

  3. I absolutely loved everything about Rebuild! The BGM was epic, the strategic gameplay fits my style, and the pure elements of the game makes it more fun! I myself have beaten Nightmare mode 3 times, though it did take me well over 50 tries. May I suggest that you keep the difficulty curve on Rebuild 2? That way it will appeal to casual players as well as hardcore players like me who loves challenges (challenge ACCEPTED, lol). Also more functional buildings? Good Luck!

  4. One feature that Rebuild desperately needs is a “Quit and Restart” button.

    At the Nightmare level of difficulty, the probability of success is mostly determined by the initial map layout. It would be great if the sequel would retain your information (city name, leader name, leader gender, grid size and game difficulty). And then, with one click, allow you to restart the game on day 1, with a new map, but with the old info, in the same saved game slot!

    I typically have to restart the game 10-20 times to get a decent starting map. And when I get slaughtered by a zombie attack, I don’t want to read six reports of how bad it is. No, I just want to click “Quit and Restart”!

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