Contraption Price Drop

Our limited-offer free bundle with the HTC Vive has ended, and they’re now bundling two new games as well as the irreplaceable Tilt Brush. This means we’re now actually selling Contraption for the first time!

Price change to $30

So, it was finally time to discuss the fact that at $40 usd Contraption was one of the most expensive VR games available for the Vive. I do think it’s one of the better VR titles available, but judging by our reviews $40 was more than many players are willing to pay for it. We agreed it was too high, so we’ve lowered it to $30 usd.

The reason VR games generally cost more than traditional “flat” games is simple: right now there are way fewer VR gamers than PC gamers, which means fewer purchases, which means you need higher prices to make the same amount of money and cover your development costs. VR games will get cheaper as more people own the hardware, but this year companies are taking a risk by making games for Vive and Oculus. We want to support them.

Up next: the Level Editor

We’ve been showing off (and occasionally breaking) the upcoming level editor live on our Thursday afternoon Twitch stream. It’s almost another game in itself, building miniature islands in the sky and devising challenges for other players.

We still have a few things to sort out but you can expect to see it on the experimental Steam branch soon!


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