Contraption Scale modes

Fantastic Contraption will be a launch title with the Oculus Touch motion controllers (no official date yet). We have the hardware all hooked up and running nicely, and are working on making smaller scale play spaces feel good.

The scaling feature will also come out on the Vive version so you’ll be able to play at your desk or standing in a small space. Right now you eat mushrooms to change your size ala Alice in Wonderland: some make you bigger (and thus the world looks smaller), and some have the opposite effect.

Do those mushrooms have... tongues?
Do those mushrooms have… tongues?

I know this feature’s going to be great, because I use it every day while working on the game. I have my space set up so I can swivel my chair to the right and play a miniature version of Contraption in the air there, complete with a miniature little Neko.

You can even shrink down smaller than original roomscale to be like a mouse in a world of giant contraptions. Facing a giant angry Neko can be pretty intimidating.

Good kitty! I promise I'll never cheat again!
Good kitty! I promise I’ll never cheat again!

Why is that Neko black and white? That’s another feature we’re working on: workshop mods to change the cat’s appearance. We’re also working on naming contraptions, localization to other languages, attachable pins and more. Stay tuned to our Twitch stream and to the experimental Steam branch to get updates before anyone else.

Upcoming Events

We won’t have a booth at PAX Prime this year, but you may still bump into us there (you’ll recognize us by our sweet Contraption shirts).

We will be showing Fantastic Contraption at the Tokyo Game Show in their indie hall.

We’ll also be at VRDC in November and a couple local events here in Vancouver Canada. Busy times!


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