Energetic and loyal Anemone

In I Was a Teenage Exocolonist, only 100 other colonists made the 20 year journey from Earth, so you know all the other kids who were born on the ship with you. Scrappy, athletic Anemone always wins at sportsball, and once the ship touches down on Vertumna she spends all her time playing outside.

NicknameNemmie, Annie, Nem
EnhancementArmor plated lizard skin
BirthdayFirst week of Dust
LocationGarrison / Sportsball pitch
Dialog colorRed

Anemone’s design is loosely inspired by Little Orphan Annie and her beautiful sea-creature-like curls. Her energy and smile can melt any old curmudgeon’s heart, even Chief of Security Rhett who finds himself in charge of a new sportsball pitch and a team of wild young things led by Anemone.

As she ages, her mop of red hair grows out to an unruly lion’s mane of curls.

Anemone, age 14-16
Kom, Anemone (age 10-13), and Aunty Seedent

Anemone idolizes her older brother Kom, who’s training to join the security force and helps coach the kids’ sportsball team. Her mother is Chief Steward Anne, in charge of the quarters and galley, who the kids fondly call “Aunty Seedent”. She’s often concerned for her daughter’s safety, as Anemone ignores her advice and fearlessly faces down whatever comes her way.

Her mom has reason to be worried! Throughout the 10 years of the game, time and tragedy will shape Anemone’s teenage personality, and she’ll go through some drastic changes. In her late teens she’ll eventually trade in her sportsball for a plasma gun and join the colony’s defense force.

You’ll miss her innocent smile, but when the going gets tough you can count on Anemone to defend her friends.

Anemone with Vace, age 17-19

Her genetic enhancement is tough, armor-plated skin and protective bone spurs. Character artist Mei and I considered giving her feline characteristics like claws and a tail, but instead extended her scales all the way from her jawline down her back and sides a little like a Trill’s spots.

Sometimes her scales itch… but with her active life Anemone needs the added protection.


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  1. Hi Sarah,

    I just saw today you’re developping a new interesting game.
    When an alpha will be released?
    Will it be translated in other languages? (French, Italian, Deutsch…?)

    This game looks great and I can’t wait to see further development. ;-)

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