Fantastic Contraption VR


Announcing Northway Games’ next project: Fantastic Contraption for the HTC Vive.

It’s something we couldn’t have done when we were travelling every 3 months: a game played in a 10’x10′ virtual reality space, where you walk around (yes, walk around in VR!), building gigantic tinker toys and rolling them off to solve puzzles. If you remember the original Fantastic Contraption, it’s like stepping inside of that world and putting contraptions together with your own two hands.

Colin’s been working on it with Radial Games while I finish Rebuild 3 mobile and I’ll be joining them shortly. It’s way too exciting a game to pass up.

We’re showing it off at the HTC Vive PAX booth this weekend so come over to the Sheraton to try room-sized VR. Feel like you’re finally living in the future we were promised back in the 80’s. Yes, that future is coming!!


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