Rebuild 3: Coming to mobile September 3rd

rebuild3devicesFor reals this time, rain or shine! My apologies again for the delay, but hey, it wouldn’t be a Rebuild release without a little drama.

You’ll be able to get Rebuild 3 on your iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets this coming Thursday September 3rd. Even if I catch the PAX Pox this year, I’ll drag myself to my laptop and make sure this game gets released!

PAX Prime

Yes I’m at PAX right now, for my 9th year in a row. We don’t have a booth this year, but I’m helping show my friend Tim’s game Antihero in the Minibooth. It’s a strategic multiplayer game where you fight for control of the crime underworld in quaint little Dickensian towns. I’m planning to do all my salesman patter in a Victorian accent. “Fancy a spot o’ larceny mate?”.

On Saturday I’ll be pitting my artistic skills against actual professionals including Mr Krahulik himself, in a cutthroat winner-takes all Virtual Reality Art-Off in Tiltbrush for the HTC Vive.

…actually they tell me it’ll be more of a fun demonstration of this neat 3-d painting tool. Anyway come watch me doodle at the nVidia booth at 2pm on Saturday!

Fantastic Contraption VR

And if you haven’t heard yet, Northway Games’ next game will be a bit of a departure. It’s Fantastic Contraption for the HTC Vive, a room-sized VR rig where you can walk around and build things with your own two hands. It’s truly spectacular future-tech and I’m incredibly lucky to be a part of it. I’ve got loads of other game ideas brewing, but VR is one wild ride I don’t want to miss. I’ve been waiting for this since I was 10 years old.

We’re showing Fantastic Contraption off at the HTC Vive PAX booth this weekend so come over to the Sheraton to try it out.


7 thoughts on “Rebuild 3: Coming to mobile September 3rd

  1. I wouldn’t be so sure… I think there are hundreds of us, which would really cut into her income stream. I was just happy to be able to play it early, and have no problem buying it upon release.

  2. Kickstarter backers and early direct-buyers are promised to get a mobile version. Is there any way to get it now? I still have a beta from HumbleBundle and Google Play wants me to pay for release…

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