Flickr bloggo integration action!

Mum and Pup
Originally uploaded by apes_abroad.

Thx Lawrence for letting me know I could get a real Flickr address. I found the “blog this photo” function while I was in there. So, here’s a photo of dogs, I’m blogging it.

Colin has been taking lots of texture shots lately, which are pretty, but I’m finding it’s hard to top a puppy as a photo subject. Our harddrive is quickly filling up with 8 meg raws of a banana leaf taken from 5 different angles at 5 different exposures. Although, some of them… do look damn good.

I’m glad we got a digital cam; it’s so easy to play around like that. I don’t know how Alan does it – out of every roll of film I’ve seen from him, half the photos are just incredible, and he takes at most a couple pictures of anything. Colin’s all on about getting another lens, but after the crazyawesomeness of Alan’s fisheye shots, seems like it will be hard to beat.

But then, Colin’s spent weeks researching this stuff, and I still get math headaches when he tries to explain f-stops and aperture settings and whatnot. So what do I know, really, except tired puppies is cute. :)


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