So, NWN2

Yah, so, I’ve been playing a lot of Neverwinter Nights 2 lately. It rained for a few days there and now Colin is (fingers crossed) getting his Kiteboarding on. I’d say I was disappointed in the game, but I hadn’t really got my hopes up that high. The main problem is I dislike the D&D system; I don’t like seeing and thinking about numbers all the time since it kind of detracts from the immersion in an RPG. You know, detracts from the role… playing.

Wikked Neeshka fanart on Deviantart
The spunky half-demon whose
(miscredited) voice won my heart
I did play the hell out of the first NWN but felt the same way. To be clear – I’m talking about the single player campaign in both cases here. I never had much interest in trying a human-DMed game, and couldn’t now anyway (satellite connection). I understand it’s a pretty unique feature and I hope people are taking advantage of it. Any game that ships with the toolset is good stuff, and NWN is practically the other way around; it shipped with a demo campaign that is good enough for your money’s worth.

Compared to the first Neverwinter, I’m not sure much has changed. Seems like they tweaked the interface a bit and wrote a new campaign very much like the original. Very much like all the Bioware games. They did a good job on the NPCs though; I like some of the voices and there is a lot of spoken dialogue. I’m reminded of Baldur’s Gate which may have been Bioware’s best; although the Star Wars universe in KOTOR made it my favorite.

Interesting: 1up posted a very negative review of NWN2 then removed it with apology. Penny Arcade has a copy of it, which mostly I agree with, except maybe about the acting. A few of the voices are really bad, but it sure beats first season Babylon 5 which Colin is now suffering through. “Don’t touch me unless you mean it” – now who could screw that kind of amazing dialogue up?


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