Full Moon – not!

As Colin mentioned, we skipped out on the Full Moon Party this month. Actually we were going to go, but consulted an out of date calendar and ended up down there a day early. The moon was technically full but it was also the King’s birthday, a national holiday, with one of the observations being to not drink or serve alcohol. Naturally the party was delayed one night, so instead we got to see what Haad Rin looked like the day before FMP.

The shops there are more expensive but have rarer stuff so we did some shopping, and watched a couple movies over dinner. Most of the bars there were showing movies; some even had cams of Borat and Casino Royale but we passed on those. Two, not twenty feet from each other, were playing Friends episodes all day. Every day I imagine.

Haad Rin does have a beautiful beach, and we snagged some choice spots to watch the moon reflecting on the ocean and the surf and have a few drinks (not everyone was witholding booze, just some places). We met a few fellow Canucks down there, but in general everyone was just chilling and conserving their energy.

So then the real party rolled around last night and it was still coming down hard after a day of steady rain, so we said fuck it and were asleep before the taxis we would have taken even came by.

Raining again today and I don’t have much to do but play NWN2. I should have started working on the 1st, but am still waiting for Salus to get organized. Sound familiar? In the last month I’ve gotten interview offers from some interesting companies. None would be willing to let me work from here so they’re out of the question, but Google was in there, and today, okay, this from M$:

Does the sound of being a key contributor to Microsoft’s next great revenue channel appeal to you? Do you enjoy the challenge of working on cutting edge software using agile development strategies and rapid release cycles? Are you excited to work in a team that is fueled by passion, creativity, innovation, and a spirit of teamwork? Are you interested in participating in a ground-up new development project? If your answer is yes then read on…

AdCenter is Microsoft’s unified Ad Monetization platform chartered with delivering ads on multiple sites, services and software. Our prime charter is to empower Microsoft to “win the web” against competitors. We have successfully delivered search marketing ads in…

Hahahahahaha no.


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