Rainy Day

Wet PlantWe finally got a full day of rain.

Everyone has been saying we’re going to get weeks of it but before today we’ve just had 5 minute spurts. I’m a pretty solid BC boy in terms of the rain. When a month goes by without a full day of rain things start to feel wrong. Victoria doesn’t rain enough for me in the summer either. Blue sky is dull. Nature needs to mix it up a bit to keep things interesting.

I was hoping I’d get to go kite-boarding today because it was a little stormy but once again the wind didn’t pick up. This was the 31st straight day of not enough wind to go kite-boarding for those keeping score.

So instead of doing something we just hung about the house and enjoyed the rain. I took a ton of pictures. Almost all of them from the deck. Although there where dry spirst where I got to sorty farther afield.

Sarah RelaxesWe’re skipping full-moon tonight. We actually thought it was last night and went down to had-rin and everything, but it turns out it was postponed a day because the King turned 80 yesterday. Foolish us. Foolish us. Anyway we got to enjoy the beach under the full moon without the throngs. It is a beautiful beach. And we found my now favorite bar ever. It’s perched up the steep slope by the southern end of the beach. You climb up these steps leading steeply up from the beach to the place and it’s just a huge deck with low tables surrounded by mats. Up another level is the bar. No waiting staff to get in the way and no electric lights to dim the view of the moon-lit beach. It was a laid-back kind of place and Sarah and I drank Chang and cheap rum with our legs dangling into space over the side of the deck.

That and walking along the huge and totaly empty beach with the surf riding in over our feet were wonderful. Extremely romantic.


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