I like Thailand

Rocks in the morningJust got back from an early morning stroll. There are birds around that make an owl like hooting noise. Sarah managed to convince herself that they are the greater coucals but I was not so sure.

Anyway I got up with the sun, or slightly before the sun, and could hear the hooting down the street. Along with the greater racket tailed drongos that make such a pretty racket in the mornings.

Op, there’s Beeya, hold on while I go get breakfast for 20 baht…

Back, I figured it would be a good opportunity to try to hunt down the hooting noise as well as get some pictures in the pleasent light of early morning. Momma came out with me and was generally roaming around and talking to other dogs. until we heard one of her pups squeal down the road. At which point she took off like a shot. This happens a couple of times a day. These puppies seem particularly trouble-prone to me.

I got a few pictures I like and walked along the beach some. When I got back to the house I heard hooting down the opposite street I’d come down so I wandered off that way. Looking quite the tourist with both binoculars and a camera hanging around me.

Anyway I walked past the law-office just a few doors down the street and started a conversation with a young Thai guy who was sleepily starting his morning. He said I looked like someone he knew.

We started talking about the internet. He’s doing some property scouting for a guy in Denmark and was complaining that there where no internets near the office/house. He genuinely seemed under the impression that the internet should just come down to every computer of it’s own accord… I suppose he’s right really.

Anyway I told him we get ours from the satalite dish and how much we pay. People here are extremely good at looking like they know exactly what you’re talking about when they don’t have a clue. Which makes conversations interesting but a little more circular than ususal. Serves me right for still not knowing any Thai.

Plant in the sandSo he suggested we get a big wire and run it from our place to his and split the bill. Which is so Thai, and an idea I’m very ameanable to. Of course wireless would be easier and he’s just down the road so I went and grabbed the laptop to see if the signal would make it there.

It did, but just. Anyway I helped him check his email and he gave me some banana’s. It was a pleasent morning.

I realised this morning that all the damage done to my psyche in Chiang Mai is gone. I am back to loving Thailand (Koh Phangan specifically) and the people here. We really are in a wonderful little slice of paradise.

Oh and by the way, Sarah was predictably right about the greater coucal. I caught one in the act.


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