Group 3 of #100exocards

Cards 20-30 of our amazing guest illustrations. Many are one-off rewards for beating challenges or reaching the end of certain story arcs, so even though we have close to 300 cards, you’ll only see 40-60 in each playthrough. These cards are your memories, and every life is different.

Third round of guest illustrated cards – credits below.
Flunking a Test by R0ppi
Boooorriiiiing by Hoo? Its Claire
Asking an Adult by Rebecca “Mal” Snowden
Talent Show Champion II by kitsuneten
Bot Wrestling Champion by GuilhermeRM
The Mixologist by Gzei
Surprise Party by Neana
Up to your Armpits in Mud, by Dannaria
Singing Your Heart Out by Lars Carrijo
Sabotaging by Angela Intriago


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